Monday, January 10, 2011

Penis Envy

I have a theory why little girls have penis envy.  I don't believe that the reason why little girls have penis envy was to bond with the father, but instead to receive affection from the mother.  They already know that they have their father wrapped around their little fingers.  Since mothers usually let little boys of the hook more easily, because "Boys will by Boys".  If they were to be a boy like their brother maybe their mother wouldn't be so strick on them.  Perhaps this is probably the reason why little girls were tomboys. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Why the same?

We have all tried very hard to be our own unique person.  Ever since I was young, I tried to do everything I can to be different.  I want to be my own person.  I didn't want to be so and so sister or daughter.  I want people to see me as an individual.  People have called me weird and I pride on it.  Being weird meant that I am different.  Now that I am older I realized that what I did was not unique at all. It was part of growing up and learning to accept that I am unique but like everybody else I want the same thing.  I want love and for people to understand who I am.  I might have approach things differently, but I want the same results as others.