Monday, February 13, 2012

Ever After

When I was single, I wished that I would meet my soul mate and fall madly in love.  I never really thought about what happen after that.  Does anybody know what happen after the fairy tales?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sarcasm is an art that is under-appreciated and misunderstood.  People usually view sarcasm as something negative and malicious, when it is usually meant to funny and witty.  Sure there may be some truth behind the joke, but that is what makes it witty. 

I am not saying that Sarcasm can’t be hateful and hurtful, but in order for a great comedian to be successful he/she need to make the joke relate able.  Instead of being so defensive, people need to lighten up and enjoy the laugh. 

Try as you may, no one is perfect.  It’s OK to be the butt of the joke sometimes and what if people were laughing at you?  It is only hurtful, because you can’t find the humor in it.  You’re in control of your reaction, instead of getting angry, why not be the subject that makes people laugh.  Laughing is good for the soul. 

I am a great supporter of sarcasm, because it makes me think.  I love it that it takes me awhile to understand the joke.  Not everything funny needs to be obvious and that is why we need more sarcasm in the world.


Loneliness is such a strong word.  According to, Lonely meant: unhappy as a result of being without the companionship of other.

It's strange that I feel lonely even though I have 7 siblings and live with my boyfriend.  I have the best boyfriend that any girl can ask for, but yet I am lonely.  I love my boyfriend and the thought of not having him around scares me.

As much as he loves me, I still feel that I am alone because I have no connection with my family.  It bothers me that I have 7 siblings, but yet I feel like an orphan.  I have better connection  and more things in common with a random stranger at the supermarket than my own family member.  I have always thought that blood run very thick and there is no bond stronger than family. 

Perhaps in my case, nurture is much stronger than nature.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Love is it a beautiful thing or is it the ugliest thing that can happen to a person?  I have been trying to figure out that question for almost ten years now and I don’t think I have come any closer to the conclusion. 
            At one time of my life I bought the idea that love is only an illusion that the foolish buy.  I was very young then.  I am not saying that I have changed my mind now that I am older.  However, that concept has made me who I am today. 
            I am scared.  I have no idea what it is that I am scared of, but I know that I am scared.  Most of the grays on my head were caused by this unknown fear.  I wish I can give you a scientific term to who I am.  I wish I can tell you that I am abnormal and there are only a handful of people like myself.  I also wish I can tell you that I am like everybody else.  Unfortunately, I don’t know how to label myself and I don’t know if I really fit into this world.  If I can find an answer to that question, I might be able to accept who I am.
            The sad part about me is I want to change very much but I don’t want to change because I can sincerely say I love the person that I am.  If I change I am not sure I can honestly say that I embrace myself and all the changes I chose to make are the right one.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Penis Envy

I have a theory why little girls have penis envy.  I don't believe that the reason why little girls have penis envy was to bond with the father, but instead to receive affection from the mother.  They already know that they have their father wrapped around their little fingers.  Since mothers usually let little boys of the hook more easily, because "Boys will by Boys".  If they were to be a boy like their brother maybe their mother wouldn't be so strick on them.  Perhaps this is probably the reason why little girls were tomboys. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Why the same?

We have all tried very hard to be our own unique person.  Ever since I was young, I tried to do everything I can to be different.  I want to be my own person.  I didn't want to be so and so sister or daughter.  I want people to see me as an individual.  People have called me weird and I pride on it.  Being weird meant that I am different.  Now that I am older I realized that what I did was not unique at all. It was part of growing up and learning to accept that I am unique but like everybody else I want the same thing.  I want love and for people to understand who I am.  I might have approach things differently, but I want the same results as others.