Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sarcasm is an art that is under-appreciated and misunderstood.  People usually view sarcasm as something negative and malicious, when it is usually meant to funny and witty.  Sure there may be some truth behind the joke, but that is what makes it witty. 

I am not saying that Sarcasm can’t be hateful and hurtful, but in order for a great comedian to be successful he/she need to make the joke relate able.  Instead of being so defensive, people need to lighten up and enjoy the laugh. 

Try as you may, no one is perfect.  It’s OK to be the butt of the joke sometimes and what if people were laughing at you?  It is only hurtful, because you can’t find the humor in it.  You’re in control of your reaction, instead of getting angry, why not be the subject that makes people laugh.  Laughing is good for the soul. 

I am a great supporter of sarcasm, because it makes me think.  I love it that it takes me awhile to understand the joke.  Not everything funny needs to be obvious and that is why we need more sarcasm in the world.

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